Launching a Home-Based Business With Your Spouse - and Other Tales of Insanity

I love my wife of 23 years dearly. We've managed a household together, raised two boys and have worked together on countless home projects. For the most part, all of our joint ventures have been successful (if you don't count the time I rototilled the new asparagus patch under). We recognize our different working styles and know where the limits are when we disagree with how a certain task is to be done. But in reality, since our joint projects have been limited to things like making meal plans for the week or expanding our garden plot in the backyard, conflicts have been pretty much nonexistent.

So when my wife asked if I'd be on board to help manage the business side of things as she tries to keep up with the growing demand for her sewing projects, I hesitated. Would a more ambitious venture such as this test our patience if our different working styles clashed? Would she forgive me if I made mistakes while learning what I needed to do? After all, it took her three years to forgive me for the asparagus fiasco (full disclosure, I tilled the patch under two subsequent years). Could we work closely together on a venture like this during our spare time? Well, as is evidenced by this working website (, I decided to give it a go. Besides a few disagreements over fonts and background colors, we've been doing ok. . . so far.

My job? Since I couldn't sew a button on a shirt if my life depended on it, I'm tasked with building and managing this website and journaling our progress (or lack thereof). These efforts will also marry my two otherwise polar opposite degrees - English and business. Since I'm totally new to blogging, managing a website and dabbling with internet marketing, perhaps readers can learn along with me on this journey. Here goes!

Our Story

Since we stopped growing our family after two kids (we love small and even numbers) we had to decide what our spare bedroom would be used for. As you can see by the photos below, my wife won the coin toss and she has long since taken over that space.

Countless sets of curtains, outfits and other creative items have churned out from this room. I never quite know what is being made in there, but I have learned to check in from time to time. I once found my favorite sweater buried in a pile, waiting to be chopped up and made into a pair of mittens!

For the most part, this space has served as my wife's personal retreat. At the end of a long day at work, she oftentimes heads to the room at the top of the stairs to escape and let her creative side find release. For now, demand for her creations has spawned this new venture and should provide an ongoing outlet for her creative juices.

As for me, I'm reading about SEO (search engine optimization), social media and other subjects pretty much foreign to me. I'll journal my discoveries and challenges along the way in hopes that others might learn along with me. Since the financial results of the current business model are directly proportionate to my wife's sewing capacity, my goal is to research other ways to "monetize" a website that don't depend on my wife being chained to her sewing machine. Although "lock Rebecca in her craft room" made my whiteboard brainstorming session during the discussion about increasing production, she quickly shot that down. Go figure!

Thanks for stopping by - more to come. Comments and feedback are always appreciated!

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